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To paint  with sand

Painting with sand is not anecdote even less decoration  but of a will to express a thought.

The sand, this constellation of existences, eroded, sculpted by Time, reduced to a granular powder, holds all possibilities in the palm of my hand:


Those who fear its arid, ferocious advance

Those who create the castles of the laughing and victorious childhood

Those who fulfill the perfect dreams of exotic paradises

Those who protect the archeology of our past lives

Those who build gourmet cities.


The sand on my canvas assembles all possibilities: n ul pathos, 

no excess,

Just a discreet, sensual way of entering Life ...





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Diptych 100/240 10-15 2013

Paint with charcoal.


I continue the Adventure trying to bring together all that I have been, all that I am today.


Charcoal, that black diamond, makes our imaginations work. It is he that I honor by using him as a medium (instead of India ink) to create sensitive works on engraving paper. A medium from home  !


  If it takes us back to the recent past, often laborious in the life of Minors - and which engenders the duty of Memory - coal has  also contributed to the flourishing of our economy.  


To create works with charcoal, in addition to the possible aesthetic aspect, is above all an ethical approach which perhaps will stir up reflection ...


                                                          Michel Bocart

The Rift
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