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- Brochure "Fenestra" by Michel Bocart 2016,  works on canvas, mixed-media for the exhibition "Fenestra" May 2016.


- "Michel Bocart" brochure for the exhibition: "DeTemps d'Espace", works on canvas, mixed media, sand and natural pigments, January 2013.


- "From Alechinsky to Wolfs" selection of works from the collection of the Province of Walloon Brabant, 2012.


- Brochure for the exhibition: "Les Garde-Temps", works on paper, Free choice, artistic cabinet, December 2012.


- Catalog of  the exhibition "Pearls of the North", Palais Iéna in Paris, October 2011.


- "Signé Art 2002" Influence of African symbols in contemporary art CL.M. Faïk-Nzuju, ed. Citade 2002 p. 23


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